Birb is the first multi-token exchange platform.

An Overview on Birb

Birb is the first multi-token exchange platform with an integral privacy feature called Flock Protocol. This allows your transactions to be completely hidden with a supplementary layer of privacy. BirbSwap, a highly secure decentralized exchange which allows you to easily buy, sell or exchange various tokens quickly while protecting your identity constantly. A community voting platform where BIRB owners can vote on upcoming events and the near-future direction of BIRB. Every Birb owner could have the possibility to express their judgment and vote. The city may also have the possibility to vote on which charitable foundations will be allocated.

BirbSwap decentralized exchange

BirbSwap decentralized exchange is being developed as a revolutionary approach towards the inefficiencies of existing centralized exchanges. It is being developed to aid in the swift trading of BEP-20 tokens while still providing traders with full custody over their tokens. BEP-20 is a plan regarding how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and even has rules about its general use. The BEP-20 standard was both obtained from and completely viable with the ERC-20 norm, and the code of the capacities that characterize the BEP-20 standard changes the ERC-20 norm.

BIRB Token

BIRB token is the native currency of the BIRB ecosystem. BIRB can be used in the ecosystem for rewards, governance tokens, and other Defi features like staking and farming. They are already working to let the owner of other company to Accept BIRB tokens in most popular e-commerce platforms. the development team of BIRB is working hard on plugins and apps to accept BIRB on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and even the Dark Net.

  • Holders : 7 addresses
  • Transfers : 9
  • Contract : 0x84c08e7afa0d11d66226726e040121de0ed03b14
  • Decimals : 9


Development Q2-Q3


Forum Username: Coinlotre
Forum Profile Link:;u=2519072
Telegram Username: @Coinlotre
BEP-20 Wallet Address: 0x980D3F0613079bA1A76BD5d32b260E0090c4f979




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