TFS is a digital currency that will be used as an alternative payment mechanism within the platform.

What exactly is the TFStoken?

Features TFStoken

  • Play
  • Stake
  • Exchange

TFS token

  • Key Points of the TFS token
    ● TFS is an ERC20 token.
    ● trueMining of tokens is allowed. TFS tokens will be credited to all players at the end of the playday as a reward for playing.
    ● trueStaking of tokens will become available via the TruePlay widget in the platform’s dashboard.
    ● The emission of tokens is regulated by smart contracts that will generate a certain amount of TFS tokens based on the current exchange price and the daily GGR.
    ● TFS is a deflationary token with a limited supply, meaning it offers a limited total supply of tokens and a regular monthly buyback in which a certain percentage of tokens is withdrawn from circulation.


Tokens Allocation

Stage 01

Stage 02

Stage 03

Stage 04


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